Getting the Static out of Your Clothes

I have always had a lot of issues with static and my clothes. Since clingy fabric is both unattractive and annoying, finding a static remover has been a top priority for me, particularly since I graduated from college and wanted to make an excellent first impression for possible employers. When I researched online, searching for inexpensive static eliminators that would be effective and Continue reading

Electrostatic Discharge Free Materials

In a world where friction quickly causes electrostatic discharge to build up and flare out, it is nice to know that there are materials that neutralize the effects of it, and sometimes eliminate it completely. More than simply being a way to avoid getting frizzy hair and Continue reading

Keeping Bodies Static Free

The manufacturers of hair products must incorporate more than detangling, curling or straightening elements into their goods. One of the most popular products is also one of the most basic; the hairbrush. These days, because of all the electronic gadgets filling up residential homes, commercial venues, schools and Continue reading

Static Eliminator: A Very Static History

The plethora of static eliminator products today are partly thanks to the technological boom that has swept our world in the last thirty or so years. Static used to just be an annoyance that resulted from disproportionate atom combinations colliding and resulting in electric transference. For humans it was never very painful and Continue reading

Cleaning with Anti Static Brushes

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. Static Brushes Photos

Static Brush Photos Courtesy of Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

Most of us like to keep things clean even if it is not something we do all that often. We as human beings at least want the appearance of a clean environment. In the residential setting, there is not much to keeping things clean past what we were taught as kids or teenagers. Vacuuming floors, dusting shelves, picking up after ourselves and Continue reading

The Anchoring of Anti Static Mats

Anti static mats are objects that actually show up everywhere, we just don’t know that they are helping reduce the impact of electrostatic discharge, or ESD, in our environment as well as provide padding for our feet. Also, the anti static mats do not just refer to what is under our feet but Continue reading

Ionizers: The Neutralizer

Calling an environment a neutral space can refer to many philosophical and physical layers of that environment. For example, a neutral space may mean it is a room where nobody is allowed to yell. In war, the ground between two opposing trenches is known as “no man’s land”, which is a neutral zone. Outside of philosophical renderings of space, a space that is neutral can also be Continue reading