Protect Your Products

When it comes to protecting electronic parts from electrostatic discharge(ESD) during the manufacturing process, you can never be too careful. The testing of these parts is crucial as ESD damage is not visible, but certain kinds of damage can be missed even during testing. There are three kinds of damage that can Continue reading

Eliminating the Stress of Static

I recently worked in the electrical assembly department for an automotive mirror manufacturer, where we built and tested the circuit boards for rearview and sideview mirrors. They called us smurfs in this department as we had to wear blue ESD(Electric Static Discharge) smocks whenever on the production floor to prevent Continue reading

Finding the Right Grounding

While working a previous job in manufacturing, we would frequently cut down paper, polypropylene or various other types of material rolls, and rewind them in their trimmed down size. One problem with this process was the amount of static that would build up as a result of the compression cut coupled with the friction of the rewind spindle. After Continue reading