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Static eliminators are products used to protect sensitive objects and materials from the hazardous effects of static electricity. Static electricity refers to electricity that is at rest, which is produced as a result of an unbalance in the molecular structure of insulating materials such as paper and plastics, producing either excessive positive or negative charged particles known as ions.

Common ways that these excessive charges are produced include friction, separation and changes in temperature, all of which result in the need for static eliminators, because a disproportionate amount of ions can be harmful to objects and materials, resulting in such ill-effects as fire hazards, minor electrical shocks to workers and equipment damage. One way to determine if static electricity has developed is through the use of a static meter. Once the presence of static electricity is established, the next step is to neutralize the effects of static electricity, or at least combat them as well as possible through electrostatic discharge or ESD products such as anti static mats, anti-static spray, ionizers and anti static gloves. Other forms of ESD protection include corona treaters, static brushes, static bags and ground straps. These static control products are utilized in many industries including electronics, semiconductor, printing, automotive, medical, residential, plastics and power generation.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

Commerce, CA | 323-724-7777

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. offers a complete line of static eliminator products! We offer a wide variety of static eliminator brushes including aluminum handle series, brass tube brushes, Thunderon® Conductive brushes, vacuum brushes, strip brushes, and more! We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and dedicated to providing high quality products! Our brushes are used in a diverse range of industries including art, forensics, medical, paint, janitorial, cleaning, and more! Visit our website today!

Meech Static Eliminators

Norton, OH | 330-564-2000

ElectroStatics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of systems to control and reduce static electricity! We offer a wide variety of static eliminators and static control products. Our products include static meters, static neutralizing bars & blowers, web cleaners, dust control devices, and many more! ElectroStatics, Inc. serves customers in many industries like electronics, textiles, plastics, medical, and photography. Call us today!

Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp.

Williamsville, NY | 877-797-2777

For the best in static control equipment, Nex Flow™ is the manufacturer of choice. We offer both static control and static elimination products to help you combat electrostatic buildup in your production processes. These products include static bars, AirBlade™ ionizers, power supplies, point ionizers, static meters, and many other products. We serve customers in the United States and around the world, so contact us with your static eliminator needs!

Electro Static Technology™

Mechanic Falls, ME | 207-998-5140

At Electro Static Technology, we specialize in passive static control solutions. Our products are utilized to eliminate static charge in products ranging from printers and copiers to medical equipment. We provide expert design and engineering services to help you improve your operations and reduce costs. For more than 25 years, we have developed a reputation for excellence, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you in whatever way we can!

There are two main types of solutions to static electricity: active and passive. A static control solution is passive when it reduces the surface charge of the static electricity through absorption. They are a less effective method of static control than active since they simply reduce rather than eliminate static electricity, the passive static control methods do not require power and include electro-static induction and grounding. Electro-static induction works to control static electricity through using a body or material, such as a static brush, which possesses a charge of static electricity that corrects the proportion of ions by developing a charge of static electricity of the opposite character in the desired object. The two objects do not need to be touching, but should be in close proximity to one another for effective induction to occur. Another couple of examples of static eliminators that work by induction are anti static mats and static bags. Grounding also controls static electricity without power, but in a much different method. Grounding works by establishing a direct electric connection to the earth, providing an outlet for excessive electrical charges. The most common type of static eliminator that controls static electricity is a grounding strap. Grounding straps are often used in the industrial manufacturing industry to ground various machinery and equipment.

Active static control solutions are much more effective than passive static control methods because active static control can actually eliminate, rather then simply reduce, static electricity. A static control method is active when it requires power in order to function. The main method of active static control is ionization. Ionization refers to the formation of ions that can be achieved through a variety of methods including particle collisions, chemical reactions, electrical discharge, high temperatures or radiation. The static eliminators that provide ionization are referred to as ionizers, which operate on electrical energy to generate a balanced stream of ions in order to neutralize the unbalanced charge of the object providing static electricity, as well as negating particle attraction that would lead to further static electricity problems. There are two main types of static eliminating ionizers: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). While both types of static control ionizers have their advantages, DC ionizers require the use of another power supply or circuitry in order to provide the opposite polarity that is inherent in the AC ionizer. Ionizers are widely used in industries such as plastics processing, printing, electronics and printing, and are used not only on materials such as paper and plastics, but also on substances such as air and water.

Another, less straight-forward and conventional way that static control can be achieved is through the process of corona treatment. Corona treatment is used as a method of surface treatment, a way to allow a surface that is more conducive to bonding to other materials such as inks and adhesives. This is achieved by exposing the material to an electrical discharge, referred to as a corona. While increasing the bonding capabilities, the corona treatment also protects the material against the build-up of static electricity and is therefore more of a preventative measure than a static eliminating product. Another unconventional method of static elimination is anti-static spray. Anti-static spray works to prevent the occurrence of static electricity by providing a thin, transparent coat to equipment. Anti-static sprays are effective in hard-to-reach places or blocked surfaces, for products that move at rapid speeds, and on surfaces with an extremely high static charge. Functioning by way of conductivity, or the transmission of electricity, anti-static sprays are commonly manufactured by way of a diluting a soap-based material in a solvent such as mild alcohol. In most cases, a fire retardant is added to the anti-static spray in order to combat the flammability of the solvent.

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

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